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Delivery of RSD waste mud treatment system to a domestic oil field

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Recently, RSD waste mud treatment system was delivered to a domestic after strict and qualified testing and inspection.

The waste mud treatment system is designed according to the configuration of drug mixing, dewatering, material transportation, etc., which can conduct the process of dosing , neutralization, flocculation, solid-liquid separation for water-based wastes generated in the construction process of various drilling, engineering construction, sewage purification, river treatment, etc.

The waste mud treatment system adopts many mature new technologies.Some operation details were fully considered and improved. during operation. It has the characteristics of reasonable design, convenient installation and operation.

Delivery of RSD waste mud treatment system to a domestic oil field

The main configuration of the system: pressure filter system, explosion-proof control system, hydraulic system, material preparation adjustment system, solid phase, water-based material conveying system and other components.

The system is designed with integrated modularization and automatic control system. It features with convenient on-site loading, high degree of automation, and can effectively save manpower and reduce labor intensity.

Delivery of RSD waste mud treatment system to a domestic oil field

Delivery of RSD waste mud treatment system to a domestic oil field

The water-based waste treatment system of Restar is divided into centrifuge and plate and frame filter as the core of the two treatment schemes. They can be recommended according to the on-site needs of users, if you have relevant needs, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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