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Restar Casing Stabbling Basket Has Finished Commissioning and Delivered

Time: Sep 23, 2020 Views: 0

Nowadays, Restar Casing Stabbling Basket has completed commissioning and delivered to jobsite of the client. Hydraulic Casing Stabbling Basket is dedicated for oil rig auxiliary equipment. Restar Casing Stabbling Basket adopts electric elevation method, to enable the operator to manually handle the centralization job of casing from a height of 6 to 14 meters to the drill floor, which will effectively avoid the damage amid the coupling of the taper and tooth type small casing.


 Restar Casing Stabbling Basket:

1、Two installation designs of double beam (single beam) are suitable for all drilling rigs

2、It is driven by hydraulic, pneumatic and electric methods, which is convenient for on-site installation and operation;

3、Anti falling device is designed to ensure personal safety when double steel wires are broken;

4、The remote control manipulator is designed with up and down, front and rear, left and right adjustment, and can be adjusted in the middle according to the site conditions.

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